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Therapy worksheets related to for Children

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Self-Esteem Journal
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Self-Esteem Journal worksheet
Use this worksheet to help clients build confidence and improve their self-esteem. The worksheet requires clients to answer three daily questions related to their successes, good qualities, and positive experiences. The layout of this printout is designed to be straight-forward and simple activity to help improve self-esteem...
Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script
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Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script worksheet
Use this script to guide clients in progressive muscle relaxation. It'll be important to provide additional education about the purpose and benefits of the exercise, and to encourage clients to practice on their own. Don't be afraid to adjust the script to make it your own--this is just a framework of the exercise...
Anger Warning Signs
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Anger Warning Signs worksheet
This worksheet is intended to be used in the beginning anger management treatment to help educate clients about their physical and behavioral responses to anger. We recommend taking time helping the client identify their earliest warning signs of anger that might be less obvious and more difficult to recognize...
Creating a Token Economy
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Creating a Token Economy worksheet
Use this worksheet to reinforce important points when helping a parent establish a token economy with their child. Token economies are an effective way to change behavior through the use of positive reinforcement.
Gratitude Journal
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Gratitude Journal worksheet
Several studies have show a link between gratitude and well-being (for one, see Emmons, R. A. & McCullough, M. E., 2003). This worksheet will act as a reminder and a guideline for clients who may be journaling for the first time.
Postcard Art Activity
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Postcard Art Activity worksheet
This postcard activity requires a bit of creativity from both the therapist and client. The printout depicts the back of a basic postcard. Here's our vision for its use: Clients write a short message to someone who they miss, someone who they need to communicate with, or to someone with whom they want to share...
What is ADD / ADHD?
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What is ADD / ADHD? worksheet
Educating parents and children about ADD / ADHD can help in the treatment of the disorder. Parents who lack an understanding of ADHD may blame their child for behaviors that are very difficult for them to control because of their diagnosis. This printout defines ADHD, lists symptoms, and describes other important traits of the disorder.
Mental Status Exam
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Mental Status Exam worksheet
The mental status exam (MSE) is a tool used by clinicians to assess the functioning of a client. Use this MSE to record observations, mood, cognition, perception, thoughts, behaviors, insight, and judgment of a client. This therapy worksheet fits neatly on one page.
The Human Brain (Diagram)
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The Human Brain (Diagram) worksheet
This simple brain diagram can be used to educate clients about how substances affect the brain, how the brain changes during development, or what parts of the brain are involved with different processes. Get creative and let children draw on this worksheet to help them learn the brain's functions.
ADHD Interventions for Parents
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ADHD Interventions for Parents worksheet
This printout lists and describes six interventions for parents to use with their children who have ADHD. The interventions include using praise, creating a reward system, creating a simple list of rules, homework hour, establishing structure, and the effective use of consequences...
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