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Psychotherapy Info Sheet

For many, the concept of psychotherapy is shrouded in mystery. When a new client thinks of therapy, they might imagine an old chaise lounge, esoteric conversations about childhood, or an answer to the question: "So, what should I do?"

Of course, this isn't what therapy is usually like. A chaise lounge may or may not be present, and psychotherapists rarely answer the question "What should I do?". Instead, they help their clients develop the tools they need to forge their own path, taking action in line with their own values.

Introducing new clients to psychotherapy, and helping them understand what to expect, can be a challenge. That's why we created the Psychotherapy Info Sheet. This handout answers basic questions about psychotherapy, helping clients understand what to expect from therapy.

Include this handout with your introductory paperwork, leave a few copies in your waiting room, or provide them as needed. Topics covered include the benefits of psychotherapy, popular theoretical approaches, who can provide psychotherapy, and what a client should and should not expect from a therapist.

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