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Rabbit's Rainy Days

an educational story about depression

Rabbit's Rainy Days Splash Image

Ages: 6 - 11

Devices: Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop

Topics: Depression, Behavior


Rabbit lives beneath a beautiful garden with their family. Things are pretty good. Rabbit’s best friend, Worm, lives one hole over. They love to play basketball and perform magic tricks. But lately, Rabbit has been feeling down. Everything that used to seem great just isn’t the same.

Read along as Rabbit describes what it’s like to feel sad, and how they manage their feelings. Rabbit’s Rainy Days teaches children about depression and emotion management through 16 fun and colorfully illustrated pages.

Discussion Topics

Feeling Down. Throughout the story, Rabbit feels sad and mad, they don’t want to spend time with friends, and their grades start to drop. Do any of these experiences seem familiar?

Coping Skills. Rabbit learns to improve their mood by getting moving, naming their feelings, and talking or journaling. What helps you feel better? Which one of Rabbit’s skills would you like to practice?

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