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Bullying Worksheet Packet

"Bullying" refers to repeated verbal, social, or physical aggression that involves some form of power imbalance. Bullying is an important topic in the field of mental health because of its impact on the wellness of everyone involved, including the victim, the bully, and observers.

Oftentimes, victims of bullying don't realize that their own situation is, in fact, bullying. The first section of our Bullying Worksheet Packet focuses on education by defining bullying in simple terms, and providing practical examples. This section should be used in conjunction with a conversation about bullying, and the discussion of specific examples that clients have encountered.

The second section of the packet describes strategies to help children deal with bullying in their own lives. We suggest pairing this section with role-playing and discussion of how to handle specific bullying scenarios.

For more bullying education options, check out our interactive story, The Bullied Bear:

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