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Worry Coping Cards

Coping skills are a valuable tool for managing worry and rumination. These techniques can provide distraction from rumination in the moment, or help manage long-term anxiety if used regularly.

The Worry Coping Cards each describe a unique skill for managing worry, such as deep breathing, journaling, and mindfulness. The front of each card has a colorful image to help remember the skill, while the back has a kid-friendly description of each technique.

These coping cards are great as a take-home reminder of skills learned in session. Or, try fitting the cards into a game or activity your clients already love. For example, each time your client takes a turn in a game, ask that they select a coping card and describe how they could use it to manage their worry.

Check out our Worry Bugs tool to try an interactive version of these cards, along with other worry activities for kids.

Tip: When printing, select the option to print on both sides of the paper. Use cardstock for the best results.

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