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Couple's Questions

relationship exploration activity

Couple's Questions Promo Image

Ages: 18+

Devices: Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop

Topics: Relationships, Communication


In the Couple's Questions activity, both members of a couple will take turns answering questions about their relationship and their partner. Some questions are playful and others are serious, but each of them is designed to promote the couple's strengths.

This activity was designed for those couples who are at a point where they can communicate in a moderately healthy way, and are motivated to improve their relationship. Couples that are experiencing a deep level of conflict, anger, or contempt may not be appropriate for this activity.

Suggested Uses

Communication Practice: Encourage your clients to practice the communication skills they have learned in therapy while they answer questions.

Focus on the Positive: Help couples remember the positive aspects of their relationship, such as the qualities that led to them falling in love, or the their partner's traits that they appreciate.

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