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Emotion Cards: Questions

emotion question activity

Emotion Cards: Questions Splash Image

Ages: 3 - 15

Devices: Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop

Topics: Emotions


Help children learn about their emotions with this set of 40 uniquely illustrated cards. Each card includes a depiction of an emotion, along with a label to help children begin associating their own feelings with words. When you click a card, you’ll be asked a simple question related to that emotion.

We intentionally made this tool a blank canvas so you can use it as you please. Integrate the cards with games, use it as a pre and post-session check-in tool, or dream up your own creative implementation.

Suggested Uses

Emotion Education: Children may have difficulty describing how they are feeling, and this tool can help them learn to verbalize their emotions. Can’t find the right word? Pick a card!

Make Any Game a Therapy Game: Playing Go Fish? Answer a question any time you get a match! Jenga? Answer a question after each turn! Combine these emotion cards with your clients’ favorite games for a good way to cool down after intense sessions.

Group Icebreaker: In the beginning of a group, ask each member to select a card that represents how they are feeling. Ask them to answer a question from their selected card.

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