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Focus Fish

educational activities for ADHD

Focus Fish Promo Image

Ages: 5 - 10

Devices: Tablet or Desktop

Topics: ADHD


Focus Fish is an engaging, educational activity about ADHD. Children select and name a fish character who will guide them through 5 interactive activities, such as card matching and sentence completion.

Through simple and encouraging language, kids will learn what ADHD is, identify their own challenges related to ADHD, and practice coping skills. After completing each of the activities, you can print the results in a colorful packet to encourage children and caregivers to review what they’ve learned.

Managing the symptoms of ADHD can have a dramatic positive effect on a child’s school performance, social relationships, and self-esteem.

Suggested Uses

Education: What does ADHD mean? Who has ADHD? Help children understand ADHD and how they can use different strategies to manage difficulties they face.

Coping Skills: Teach research-supported coping skills such as ocean breathing, creating a focus area, using physical activity, and other ADHD management skills to help children relax and concentrate.

For further children’s ADHD education, try the digital storybook: The Kangaroo Who Couldn’t Sit Still.

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