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Mountain Visualization

guided audio activity

Mountain Visualization Splash Image

Ages: 12+

Devices: Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop

Topics: Anxiety, Anger, Pain Management, Relaxation


Take a journey up a lush, beautiful, and secluded mountainside in this guided imagery activity. A professional voice actor, accompanied by descriptive sound effects, will quickly draw you into the scene. Guided imagery is both an effective and fun way to take a quick break, and relax.

Suggested Uses

Education: Guided imagery (or visualization) is a tool used for the treatment of stress, anxiety, anger, and pain management. Learn more about guided imagery in our Relaxation Techniques treatment guide.

Practice: This guided exercise doesn't just have to be for education: Use it whenever you want to practice, or to help a client relax during session.

Download: You're welcome to download a copy of our guided relaxation exercises in MP3 format so you can take it with you and use it whenever you need (but please, not while driving!). The license on this exercise also allows you to share the audio file with your clients so they can practice at home.

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