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Treatment guides related to Anger for Adults

Anger Thermometer

Anger Thermometer

treatment guide
The anger thermometer is a technique that will help your clients learn about their anger symptoms and warning signs, and how these progress as anger escalates. An anger thermometer is a 10-point scale where a “10” represents a person’s maximum anger, and a “1” represents no anger at all...
Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation Techniques

treatment guide
Relaxation skills are excellent tools for the treatment of stress, anxiety, and anger. In addition to being easy to use, relaxation techniques are some of the few tools that offer an immediate sense of relief from the symptoms of mental illness. Over time, therapists develop their own scripts, tips, and tricks for teaching relaxation skills more effectively...
Anger Management

Anger Management

treatment guide
If you've ever struggled with anger, you are probably familiar with the feeling of regret that follows an outburst. You promise yourself: "I'll never let that happen again." But then, it happens again. And again. Anger takes away our ability to think rationally. After your anger fades, you regain the ability to think clearly, and you regret what your angry self said or did...
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