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Treatment guides related to Anxiety for Children

Trauma Narratives

Trauma Narratives

treatment guide
Most adults have at least a few memories that are downright painful. On the lighter end, there are those embarrassing experiences that cause you to cringe, even decades later. Then, there’s heavier stuff, like heartbreak, loss, and regret. These memories are more than a series of facts and images—they also carry powerful emotions that feel like a punch to the gut every time they surface...
Using Exercise in Mental Health Treatment

Using Exercise in Mental Health Treatment

treatment guide
The connection between exercise and mental well-being has become increasingly obvious as research on the subject grows. Unfortunately, most mental health counseling training programs don't cover the topic, and as few as 10% of psychotherapists talk to their clients about exercise. Research suggests that exercise can have a significant positive impact on depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addictions, cognitive functioning, and more...
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