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Treatment guides related to Parenting and Behavior for Children

CBT Psychoeducation

CBT Psychoeducation

treatment guide
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has become one of the leading approaches to psychotherapy due to its strong research support and quick treatment timeline. Once clients learn how CBT works, they typically find that it can easily be applied to their own lives. It just makes sense. For clients to use CBT effectively, they first need to have a strong understanding of the cognitive model...
Parenting: Using Rewards and Punishments

Parenting: Using Rewards and Punishments

treatment guide
Parenting can be a personal and a touchy subject. Many parents would do anything to help their children, and there are few things more painful than the thought that their parenting may have been less than perfect. But here's the truth: Every parent can improve. The ones sitting in front of a therapist may just be the ones with the most difficult children, or the ones who were brave enough to ask for help...
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