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Therapy videos related to Anger for Adolescents

Anger Warning Signs + Anger Thermometer

Anger Warning Signs + Anger Thermometer

Anger warning signs are clues our bodies give us, indicating that anger is starting to grow. These clues include physical symptoms, thoughts, and actions, such as turning red in the face, sweating, becoming argumentative, or becoming fixated on the source of anger. By learning to identify anger warning signs, clients can start to catch their anger early, while it's still easy to manage...
Deep Breathing Exercise

Deep Breathing Exercise

Deep breathing is a simple exercise that can be used to manage stress and anxiety. Use this video to help teach, and then practice, how to use the technique. We suggest that therapists work with their clients to identify specific warning signs and situations that indicate a client should practice deep breathing...
Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise

Progressive muscle relaxation is a technique that will teach your clients to identify where tension is being held in your body, which will allow them to release it. Our Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise video will walk clients through each stage of this technique. We suggest sharing the URL of this video with your clients so they can practice regularly...
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