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Creating a Relationship Ritual

In order to thrive, relationships need frequent care and attention. Rituals are one way to focus energy into a relationship. Whether it’s a shared coffee every morning, or a ten-minute check-in before bed, rituals are a special time for partners to connect, share affection, and be fully present.

The Creating a Relationship Ritual worksheet gives instructions on how to make a ritual, and provides ideas for rituals. Tips for creating the ritual include: be completely present, keep it simple, and make it a priority. Ritual ideas include Evening Walk, Share a Meal, and Mini Date.

This worksheet can be used with couples who struggle to find time together, or who have difficulty connecting emotionally. Research has shown that practicing relationship rituals leads to more positive emotions and greater relationship satisfaction and commitment.

Work with partners to help them understand the importance of rituals, and to create rituals that fit well in their lives.

For another relationship tool, check out our the Couple's Strengths Exploration worksheet.

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