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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) takes a structured, skills-driven approach to managing anxiety and improving emotion regulation. A key focus of these interventions is distress tolerance, which is the ability to accept and allow uncomfortable emotions.

Our IMPROVE the Moment worksheet introduces a range of DBT skills to promote emotion regulation and coping during distressing moments. The IMPROVE acronym makes it easy to recall the skills when they are needed: Imagery, Meaning, Prayer, One thing in the moment, Vacation, and Encouragement. The first page of the worksheet explains each skill and offers examples, while the second page asks clients to apply the skills.

This worksheet gives clients a simple and effective toolkit for tolerating and managing distress. Use it to introduce clients to DBT skills, as a take-home reminder of their skills, and as a guide for practice.

To explore related DBT resources, see our worksheets DBT Skill: ACCEPTS, DBT Distress Tolerance Skills, and DBT Emotion Regulation Skills.

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