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Life Story

This worksheet was inspired by positive psychology, but also has elements of narrative and art therapies. During this activity, you will ask your clients to write a life story in three parts: the past, present and future. In positive psychology, life stories are used to help clients develop a sense of meaning, which has been found to contribute to fulfillment. Allow your clients to be creative, but ask that they identify some of their personal strengths in each of the three sections. In the "future" section, your clients will write about their ideal future, and how they hope to achieve it.

This activity can be a lot of fun in group therapy. After allowing time to write, ask your group members to share what they've written.

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1. Pennebaker, J. W., & Seagal, J. D. (1999). Forming a story: The health benefits of narrative. Journal of clinical psychology, 55(10), 1243-1254.

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