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My Partner's Qualities

When relationships go sour we tend to overlook our partner's best qualities. We forget why we loved them in the first place. The My Partner's Qualities worksheet will help couples put more focus on the things that initially drew them to their partner. Print a copy for both members of the couple, and ask them to complete worksheet individually. They will be asked to describe their partner's best qualities, favorite memories with their partner, how they show one another appreciation, and why they value their partner. Don't forget to let the couple share what they've written!

It's important to use good clinical judgement to determine when this worksheet is appropriate. At the right time, this activity can be a powerful way to bring a couple closer. However, if they couple isn't ready, this activity may turn into a conflict resolution practice session.

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1. Lambert, N. M., Clark, M. S., Durtschi, J., Fincham, F. D., & Graham, S. M. (2010). Benefits of expressing gratitude: Expressing gratitude to a partner changes one’s view of the relationship. Psychological Science, 21(4), 574-580.

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