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Sleep Diary

Sleep problems are a common and disruptive symptom of mental illnesses that are often overlooked. Sleep deprivation can contribute to moodiness, high blood pressure, poor concentration, the prolongation of mental illness, work difficulties, auto accidents, and more.

Whether the problem is insomnia, hypersomnia, or something else, a Sleep Diary is an essential tool for tracking sleep, and any factors that might be contributing to disturbances. Our sleep log asks about bedtime habits, substances that might interfere with sleep, the effects of sleep, and more. We've split the log into two halves—one to be completed first thing in the morning, and the other just before bed at night. We recommend tracking sleep for a minimum of one week, but aim for 2-3 weeks if you can.

Note: This worksheet uses a lot of color, but it looks great in grayscale too. If you're using a color printer and want to save ink, you can select "grayscale" in your printer options.

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