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Strengths Discussion Questions

Strengths are revealed by a person's passions, their skills, and the activities that fill them with energy. When a person gets into the mindset of noticing strengths, they can be found just about anywhere. In the field of positive psychology, this is called strength spotting.

The Strengths Discussion Questions handout will help you facilitate a discussion that guides clients toward the strength spotting mindset, while uncovering their own strengths. Rather than directly asking clients to list their strengths, which is difficult for many to do, these questions are intended to prompt a deeper discussion on the subject.

We especially like using discussion questions with groups, but they're great for individuals too. For more context about how this worksheet can fit into a strengths-based intervention, check out our guide on the subject:

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1. Linley, P. A., & Burns, G. W. (2010). Strengthspotting: Finding and developing client resources in the management of intense anger. Happiness, healing, enhancement: Your casebook collection for applying positive psychology in therapy, 1-14.

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