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Values Discussion Cards

Personal values are the things that are most important to us. Values provide direction, and give meaning to life. For example, a person who values family might choose a job that allows them to spend more time at home. A person who values honesty might surround themselves with others who are also honest.

The Values Discussion Cards were inspired by acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). The activity includes 16 prompt cards to help clients explore and discuss their values. First, each card presents a question or hypothetical that will hint at the participant’s values. Next, a follow-up question highlights the values that were revealed in the first response.

For a great group icebreaker or activity, try these ideas:

  • Cut out the cards and place them in a bowl. Ask participants to draw cards, and share their responses with the group. Some questions will require a bit of thought, so give a moment for participants to consider their responses.
  • When working with larger groups, divide participants by card color. Discuss the prompts in small groups before sharing with the group as a whole.

For another helpful values activity, try this:

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1. Harris, R. (2019). ACT made simple: An easy-to-read primer on acceptance and commitment therapy. New Harbinger Publications.

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