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ADHD Sentence Completion

Every kid sometimes struggles to sit still, pay attention, and follow directions. However, for kids with ADHD, these things are very difficult almost all the time. The symptoms of ADHD can lead to frustration, difficulty making friends, and problems at home and school.

The ADHD Sentence Completion worksheet allows young clients to share about themselves and their experience with ADHD. While the sentences are not explicitly about ADHD, they can prompt conversation about difficulties at home and school, which the clinician may choose to explore further. Each sentence can serve as a starting point for conversations about these challenges, as well as emotions, strengths, and more.

Sentence completion pairs well with games. Try playing a board game with your client and completing a sentence after each turn. Or, when playing a card game, complete a sentence whenever a specific card is drawn.

This worksheet was created alongside the Focus Fish interactive activity. Focus Fish features an electronic version of sentence completion, along with an educational card-matching game, ADHD coping skills, and more.

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