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The CBT Model: Psychoeducation

Teaching the cognitive model often serves as an introduction to CBT, and your client's understanding of the model can set the tone for the rest of therapy. Does the model resonate with your client, or does it seem confusing and irrelevant?

The CBT Model Info Sheet is a one-page worksheet designed to explain the cognitive model through accessible writing and examples. Your clients will learn how their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors interact, and the value of changing their negative thinking patterns.

While we've done our best to make this worksheet as accessible as possible, we admit that it isn't the right fit for every client. Due to the high density of information, motivated clients will receive the most benefit from this tool.

We recommend using the CBT Model Info Sheet as a conversation piece during group therapy, or as an attachment to accompany your client's CBT homework (it can act as a great refresher a few days after session). Oh, and this tool goes great with our CBT Practice Exercises worksheet!

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