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Coming Out Discussion Questions

Millions of people have a story about coming out, and each one is unique. For some, it is a time of joy—they feel free to share their true self for the first time. For others, coming out is a time of anxiety and self-doubt. They may have been uncertain about how they would be received by their loved ones, or maybe even struggled to accept themselves. And for plenty more, their coming-out journey is just beginning.

Coming out is the process of acknowledging your sexual orientation or gender identity and sharing it with others. For many people in the LGBTQ+ community, coming out is a pivotal moment in their lives.

The Coming Out Discussion Questions worksheet is an opportunity for your clients to explore and share their story of coming out. Eight prompts are intended to spark deep thought and exploration about topics such as self-acceptance, the emotions of coming out, challenges, role models, and more.

This worksheet can be used to start a discussion or as journal prompts.

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