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Habit Breakdown

One of the hardest parts of establishing a new habit is just getting started. However, by breaking a habit into small steps, and practicing for as little as two minutes every day, people can learn to overcome this common barrier.

The Habit Breakdown worksheet provides guidance on establishing a new habit. The main points described in the worksheet are:

  1. Break the habit into five steps, starting with a very easy step.
  2. Complete step 1 every day, making it a solid habit.
  3. Once a step becomes a habit, build upon it by adding the next step.

For example, if a client feels like a habit such as daily exercise is too much to manage, they can start by simply changing into exercise clothes every day. After that, they will be able to build and build upon this, until finally reaching their goal.

The worksheet includes examples of breaking down different habits, and a fill-in template for clients to make their own habit breakdown plan.

Breaking down a habit into smaller steps makes it easier to manage both mentally and practically. This handout is useful for clients who are struggling to make a behavior change, such as exercising, healthy eating, or any other desirable habit. The initial low time commitment makes this technique especially helpful for those who have limited time.

This worksheet pairs well with the Habit Plan worksheet.

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