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What is ADD / ADHD?

It's not uncommon that the symptoms of ADD / ADHD are misunderstood. Parents often fear that their children with ADHD are trying to be difficult, not truly understanding the challenges they face. Similarly, in adult relationships, symptoms of inattention are easily mistaken for aloofness, apathy, or uncaring.

For these reasons, psychoeducation is a crucial part of treating ADHD in children and adults alike. Not only will proper education help to clear up the misconceptions of others, it can show your clients that they aren't alone. It can help them realize that there is a very real cause for what they're dealing with.

Our What is ADHD? printout covers the most important areas of psychoeducation related to ADHD with simple and easy-to-understand language (although, this form is ultimately intended for adults). The areas that are discussed include symptoms, what ADHD really looks like, the biological basis of ADHD, and and an overview of treatment options.

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1. Mercugliano, M. (1999). What is attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder? Pediatric Clinics, 46(5), 831-843.

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