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Featured Video: The ABC model of CBT

The ABC model of CBT
Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT)--a form of cognitive behavioral therapy-- requires clients to evaluate their beliefs and change their unhealthy emotions and behaviors. REBT is based off of the ABC model which helps clients understand how a situation can result in a number of different thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Understanding the ABC model is the first step to making change...
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Featured Worksheet: Self-Esteem Journal

Self-Esteem Journal
Use this worksheet to help clients build confidence and improve their self-esteem. The worksheet requires clients to answer three daily questions related to their successes, good qualities, and positive experiences. The layout of this printout is designed to be straight-forward and simple activity to help improve self-esteem. Here are some examples of prompts in the worksheet:

"I felt proud when...
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Featured Article: Taking Therapy off the Couch

Taking Therapy off the Couch
By DR. TERALYN SELL, LPC, CSAC - Published on: June 23, 2013
During the winter in the Midwest United States many clients display depressive symptoms due to inactivity, lack of sunlight and body chemical shifts. As an avid jogger myself, I recognize how my own activity level impacts my mood throughout the seasons. I have taken this information and have applied it to my own therapy practice by way of walking and talking wit...