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ADHD Focus Plan

For adults with ADHD, it can be difficult to focus on important tasks. ADHD may lead to procrastination, distraction, feelings of overwhelm, or simply forgetting about the task. CBT for ADHD teaches practical skills to address these challenges.

The ADHD Focus Plan worksheet combines these practical skills into a simple planning process. Clients will define a task they need to complete, break it into smaller parts, and schedule time they can dedicate to the task. Finally, they will imagine the benefits of completing their task. This counteracts the tendency for adults with ADHD to focus on the process of a task—which may be difficult or undesirable—as opposed to the positive outcome.

This worksheet is a great way to introduce a client to basic organization and time management skills. With practice, clients may choose to "graduate" from this handout to a simple planner entry that covers the key points in a more efficient format.

ADHD Focus Plan Preview
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