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Tips for Managing ADHD

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for adults with ADHD emphasizes education and skill-building throughout treatment. One major challenge is making those skills stick. It’s one thing to think “I should make a to-do list”, and it’s another to actually do it. By organizing some of the most important ADHD management skills into one short list, this handout was designed to make it more likely that skills will be retained and used.

The Tips for Managing ADHD worksheet provides an overview of common strategies for handling adult ADHD, such as creating a daily schedule, breaking down large tasks, and identifying procrastination behaviors.

Use this worksheet as a jumping-off point to begin discussing ADHD coping strategies, as a take-home reminder of skills, or for review. Rather than covering the entire handout in one sitting, discuss and practice a few tips at a time, in-depth.

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1. Ramsay, J. R., & Rostain, A. L. (2014). The adult ADHD tool kit: Using CBT to facilitate coping inside and out. Routledge.

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