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Body Scan Script

Body scan is a simple form of meditation. The goal of the exercise is to focus on the physical sensations throughout the body, bringing awareness to the present moment.

Physical sensations can include muscle tension, relaxation, the feeling of clothing on one’s skin, the temperature of a room, or no particular sensation at all. The purpose of body scan is not to change or improve any feeling, but instead to simply notice the sensations.

The Body Scan Script is a tool for guiding clients in this exercise. The script instructs listeners to scan their body, from the toes to the head, observing any sensations they experience along the way.

The script includes suggested lengths for pauses after each step. When following these suggestions, the script length is approximately six-and-a-half minutes. However, you may tailor the script and its pauses to the needs of your audience.

Like other forms of meditation, body scan should be practiced regularly. With consistent practice, the effects of relaxation techniques may become stronger and generalize throughout a person’s day.

If you prefer to listen rather than read, try the professionally recorded audio version of this tool:

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