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ADHD Info for Teens

ADHD is diagnosed in almost 1 in 10 school-aged kids. For teenagers, education about ADHD is an important part of treatment. Myths about ADHD are rampant, such as the idea that the diagnosis means “less intelligent”, or that ADHD is just an excuse for behavioral and academic problems.

The ADHD Info for Teens handout summarizes important info about ADHD, including a list of symptoms with brief examples, treatment options, and other facts that can help to normalize the experience of having ADHD. This worksheet was written with language and examples that are appropriate for teenagers.

We suggest using this handout at the start of treatment to help reinforce education about ADHD. Although this worksheet targets teens and uses several school-related examples, it may still be useful for many adults. If you are looking for ADHD education targeting adults, see our other ADHD info sheet:

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